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Remodeling in Arnold, CA
This Mega-remodel in Arnold, California, was completed Spring 2010
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Remodeling in Dorrington, CA
From a one-story "shoe box" cabin to a beautiful two-story chalet - in Dorrington, California.  
Enjoy this video of a home remodeling transformation
in Murphys, CA
Remodeling in Arnold, CA
New look, new garage, new driveway!
Here's what our customers say...
Remodeling in Dorrington, CA
Kitchen Remodeling in Dorrington, CA
Remodeling in Murphys, CA
Our customers, Duane and Laurie Phillips, love
their newly remodeled Murphys home - here's
what they say.
Kitchen Before
Area Before
Here's  the dining/living area after the
Remodeling in Dorrington, CA
Remodeling in Dorrington, CA

"Sue and I cannot express the thanks we owe you and your team for the job you are doing for us.  Your manner in which you do your work is nothing
less than the most professional, upbeat, over the edge greatest job we have ever seen.  I am not just saying this.  I have looked hard to find some
errors in your craftsmanship and I cannot see a one.  Every time we come up to see what has been done, we are in awe of what we see.

I still cannot believe the progress you made in such a short time.  It's nothing less than amazing to us.  This is not an easy task.  The things that you
had to change to make things work in this project have been crazy to say the least, but you have overcome the challenges and just pushed through...
again, amazing!"

Steve and Sue Nicholes
Arnold, California
Kitchen After
"Uniquity could not have done more to make our project a success.  Our new deck, patio, and siding really transformed
our house.  It looks and feels like a brand new home.  More importantly, the quality of the materials and workmanship
was top notch.  The attitude of the entire crew is to do everything the best way, the right way, the first time.  Experience
matters and Uniquity has it.  

Bill is much more than a contractor.  He has great insight on space planning, structural issues, county codes and the
ability to solve problems on the fly.  He takes great pride in his work and stands behind every aspect of what he does.  
Bill should be your first call if you want a project done right."

Duane and Laurie Phillips
Murphys, CA