Full Service Design and Building Services

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Why should you consider hiring a contractor who can design and build your new home or remodeling project?
  • As your designer and contractor, we will be thinking through the entire building process as each section of the plans are created. This helps ensure that what is designed can be built as it is drawn, avoiding costly redesigns and changes during construction that are common when a third party designer is involved. 
  • As your design/build contractor, we know the places where money can be saved in the building process. We can help you make more informed choices in your project.
  • Since we are working with building projects on a daily basis, we are up-to-date on current prices and can keep you informed of the impact your design choices make on your budget.
  • If you are considering building a new home, we can help you select the right lot for the home design you desire. Together we can create a design that will have minimal impact on the environment, while achieving your goals for your new home. 
  • We know what product selections will work within your budget and can suggest alternatives, if needed, that will fit your design criteria. 
  • We build and coordinate the entire project from start to finish. We can handle any unforeseen challenges that may arise, so we can keep your project moving along with minimal interruptions in schedule. Most of the work is done using our own highly skilled crew, and the few subcontractors we use are professional and reliable. 
  • We are licensed as both a General Building Contractor and an Electrician. 
  • We provide a full 12 month guarantee on all of our work. If any of the work we completed as part of our executed contract doesn’t live up to your expectations, call us and we’ll cheerfully take care of it – no questions asked!
  • We communicate with our clients on a regular basis via telephone, email, and we regularly provide progress pictures and updates to our clients who live out of the area. 
  • Caring and responsive staff. When you call us, during regular office hours, you will usually get a real live person. If we happen to be unavailable, we return phone calls within 24 hours or sooner. 
  • We make ourselves available for project meetings on evenings and weekends, by appointment, for the convenience of our customers.