Under-Home Transformations

From dirt (not even a basement yet!) to a recreation room and more…

See this new basement recreation room we created for one customer in Big Trees Village in Calaveras County, Dorrington, CA. 

This video slide show is worth thousands of words. See for yourself…

Bill, our resident designer (and contractor) designed and created the plans for the new space. Then sheetrocked, did electrical, plumbing – we did it all!

We created a new recreation room, study, bathroom, utility room, and constructed a new stairway connecting this space to the rest of the home upstairs. 

What are our customers saying about their new fun space?

“Very pleased with the addition and space you have created for us. A challenging project, but Bill was right… anything is possible!”

– Rob Browne, Dorrington, California

If turning your basement/crawlspace into a usable (and valuable) part of your home is on your “wish list”, be sure and call us for a complimentary review and consultation.